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The Inner Circle
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This is my private mastermind designed to...
  • Give you the targeted mentorship YOU NEED to take control of your life and your income!
  • Give access to many of my heavy-hitting mentors
  • Connect you with like minded people in our mastermind
  • Help you find your ideal accountability partner
  • Calls every 2 weeks!
  • All calls are recorded and designed to add value whether you're LIVE or not!
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Would You Like Me To Help You Connect With the Right People and Get Ideas to Actually Make Money?

Listen, we were meant to be successful...

Think about it. We have so much potential and truly can accomplish so much when placed in the right circumstances and given the right resources

The problem is, depending on how you were raised and the people you were surrounded by, your perception of what is possible for you has been limited.

And now, if you’re in the position where you feel like your job is actually sucking the life out of you… If you can’t actually see how you will ever be able afford to live the life you want to be living… this really weighs on us.

“When it comes strictly to money, your greatest expense will always be the gap between what you are capable of earning and what you are really earning.”

–      Duncan Djukich

Most of us will not address the reality that we are actually wasting our most valuable resource… our time.

Every day that we work in a job that drains us instead of energizing us, we lose an opportunity to leave our mark on the world.  Every day that we are building someone else’s business instead of building ours, we are securing their future instead of securing our own.

This is a dangerous cycle that only ends in us looking back on our lives asking a question none of us ever want to ask…

“What if...?”

This is a question that plagues you with regret.

Let me be clear.

I’m not saying you have to go out and start your own company and be a full-time entrepreneur.

What I am saying is that when you look at the people who don’t ever have to worry about money, you will find a common theme.

They have multiple sources of income!

Most of us are not cut out to be business owners. That’s fine! But why not have multiple streams of income coming in so that should something happen to your job, you are covered!

What if you were making $200,000+ a year in your job? Would you feel secure?

I sure did! Until my company slashed my income by 40%.

It was in that moment that I finally got it!

It doesn’t matter how much you make… If you only have one source of income you are vulnerable.

Imagine your life 5 years down the road…

You read this, and chose not to make a change.

Suddenly there are layoffs, or the company goes under, or you get fired!

How would you feel in that moment knowing you had the opportunity to make a change, and you chose not to?

There is only one way to truly take control of your income and your life, and that is to start a building streams of income that you control!


I don’t pretend to be some money-making guru. I’m not.

I’m just like you.

The difference is, the moment I realized the hard truth I just shared with you

I took action! As a result…

I was able to quit a $200,000+ corporate sales job and go full time as an entrepreneur in less than 10 months.

Let me be clear, my goal was not to quit my sales job. My goal was to build multiple streams of income to a level where I could wake up and CHOOSE to do my sales job, OR NOT!

This is the opportunity before you right now.

It took me countless failures and investing over $20,000 to learn the skills I had to learn to make this my reality.

But once I did, I was able to quit a $200,000+ sales job and finally say that I was in control of my income and I was finally waking up feeling like I was trading my life for something of value, all before the age of 30.

I have documented this journey and shared the private conversations with the mentors who have helped me build my business in The Mentee Podcast which has been ranked as one of the Top 20 Business podcasts in iTunes and one of The Top 10 Podcasts to Kick of 2016 by LinkedIn.

What I’m really saying here is…

If you’re looking to take control of your income and your life, there is A LOT I can teach you, which is why listeners of The Mentee point blank asked me to create a very simple, but extremely valuable mentoring community…

A community where you can receive direct mentorship from me and my team, actually make connections with the people you need in your life, all without having to invest $20,000 like I did.

Now I’m not going to sit here and try to convince you why you should join this community, because by now you know this is a really easy decision to make without any risk at all on your part. (If I had to sell you, you probably are not the right person for this community anyway).

So I’m Just Going To Tell You What You’ll Get,
And What To Do Next…

“The Inner Circle” is my private mastermind that meets twice a month and is filled with people who are serious about building streams of income they are in control of.

And they recognize that the fastest way to build those income streams is to be a part of a community that supports them and gives access to the mentors who can show them exactly what to do. 

(I’m sure you’ll agree this is way better than trying to figure it out on your own... cheaper too).

What is cool about this group is the content of the calls will be driven by YOUR feedback. 

I’m not going to pretend to know everything you need, so I will be asking the members where YOU need help and will deliver targeted mentorship as a result.

I will often take you behind the scenes in my business. I will show you what I’m doing to build a new income stream of $25,000/month in reoccurring revenue. The challenges I’m having, how I’m handling them, and the results I’m getting.

That way you do not need to reinvent the wheel. Just copy what is already working!

You will form meaningful relationships with other Inner Circle Members. 

You could find the accountability partner you need, or even meet a future business partner.      

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg…

Will You Be Accepted?

If you’re still reading this by now, then you are likely the right kind of person and we would love to have you on a trial basis.

All you need to do is click the button below and you’ll get preliminary access to The Inner Circle for 14 days.

If you are willing to contribute to the community and support other Inner Circle members then we would love to have you moving forward.

If not, we reserve the right to part ways. 

This is because we want high-level people who are committed to not only making improvements in their life, but in the lives of those around them.

If this is you, then you belong in The Inner Circle!

Now, you’re probably wondering what the price is…

Much, much less than you think...

Like I mentioned before, my goal is to form a thriving community of people who are willing to contribute to one another and grow together.

I could make this a big ticket mastermind, but that would not serve my higher goal of making an impact.

And because I know the kind of changes you can make in such a short period of time, I want to make this as accessible as possible…

This is why today you can try The Inner Circle for just $1.

Yup, a buck. 

And if you've been officially accepted after the 14 day trial period, it’s only $37/month.

I told you it was much, much less than you would have thought :)

Oh yea, I forgot to mention…

All Of The Risk Is On Me...

Join the Inner Circle for the trial basis and If what you learn doesn’t exceed your expectations in any way, just contact us at and we will give you a 100% refund. No questions asked.

In other words, there’s no reason you shouldn’t join.

Your purchase will be processed through our secure and encrypted account with Stripe.

Within the next few minutes, you’ll get an email from with a past Inner Circle call that will serve as a great foundation, information about our next call, as well as access to the community so you can start forming connections.

Remember, we are looking for people who are engaged and are willing to support other members.

If you’re ready to take control of your income and start connecting with the right people,just click here to join now and I’ll help you make that happen…


I left the corporate world last summer to become a high performance coach. Of all the coaching and training I’ve received, I find Geoff’s to be some of the most practical because it’s so real world. 

Being a member of the Inner Circle is a game-changing no-brainer in my book. If you believe that surrounding yourself with the right people who will move you forward is in life is important, then this is one very effective and very inexpensive way to bring those people into your life.

-Robert Murray

"I joined the Inner Circle because I see the value of having someone guiding me when I have doubt or face roadblock, that would cut the time and cost of trial and error. You ask questions, you will get answer. The topics discussed in the call are also very practical, I love the process of goal setting to the now. Worth more than the investment!"

-Fauzi Djauhari

The Inner Circle has a unique way of pulling back the shades and showing you the value of mentorship. This group is filled with the type of people I want to be surrounded by... People taking action!

The Inner Circle is making a real impact in my life and stretching my mind of what is possible.

-Michael Sealy

As a college student who had zero connections and not much progress, I was hopeful that The Inner Circle would be able to help me make the changes I wanted to see in myself. 

The guidance I received helped me land a great career opportunity I would not have had otherwise, helped me form relationships with people I would have considered untouchable before, and now I'm negotiating a contact with a $400 million company for my services. 

My mind has been expanded in terms of what is possible in this world. I would have never even attempted to target a company of that stature before coming across this group.

-Dominick J. Damico

Within just 2 weeks of joining The Inner Circle, I was already seeing results! I've wanted to start a blog for some time, but lacked the support to do so. 

As soon as I joined I received positive, encouraging, inspiring feedback from other members that was the fuel to my fire that  I needed to commit and get my blog started!

Just 2 weeks later, my blog was officially LIVE!

I know for sure, I would have never took the necessary steps to publishing my blog without the support from the The Inner Circle. 

-Shazzia Hines

I don't know if I can articulate how much of an impact The Inner Circle has made in my life already. 

After being introduced to this mastermind, I have been surrounding myself with some amazing people, expanding my mind and vision in ways I couldn't even fathom.

The mentorship I've received helped me close a deal of investment properties with a purchase price of over $2M within my first 3 months as a realtor!

Thanks Geoff!

-Peter Lee

The value I have received from The Inner Circle is worth MUCH MUCH more than the minimal investment. 

If you are looking for mentorship from some really high-level people you would not have access to otherwise, and want to be a part of a great community, look no further! 

-Lance Doby, M.B.A.

Within just 2 weeks of joining The Inner Circle I had already received significant value by interacting with the mastermind members.

As a sales person who just went through a 30% pay cut I had to tighten the belt everywhere possible...

However the value that I've been receiving from The Inner Circle was something I couldn't afford to cut back on!

-Juan Sanchez

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